Fall 2024 Season



What to expect

Swarm Basketball is a prominent youth club basketball organization in the United States that offers a robust platform for young athletes to engage in competitive tournaments. It plays a vital role in the development of aspiring basketball players, providing them with opportunities to hone their skills and pursue their athletic goals. Our Swarm club teams are an extension of our developmental program. It is the next step for our players looking for their next challenge and a higher level of competition.

Elementary level
A fundamental skills-based basketball program for grades 2 and 3 focuses on introducing young players to the basics of the sport in a fun and supportive environment. Participants learn essential skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and basic defensive techniques through age-appropriate drills and activities. Coaches emphasize proper technique, teamwork, and sportsmanship while fostering a love for the game. The program aims to build confidence, coordination, and fundamental, beginner understanding of basketball, preparing children for further development in the sport as they progress through their athletic journey.

-Grades 2nd-3rd
-Two Weekly Practices
-2 Tournaments
-TeamSnap Communication


Middle School-High School Level
The Swarm Basketball program for grades 4-12 provides a competitive platform for young athletes to enhance and build upon their basketball skills and compete at a higher level than town league basketball. Our athletes will have 2 practice sessions per week focused on advanced skills such as shooting, ball handling, defense, and game strategy. Coaches prioritize both individual skill development and team cohesion, preparing players for competition in regional and national level tournaments. The program emphasizes discipline, dedication, and sportsmanship, aiming to foster a competitive spirit and a strong work ethic among participants. Additionally, club programs often offer exposure to college recruiters and opportunities for players to showcase their talents on a broader stage.

-Two Weekly Practices
-Four Local Tournaments
-TeamSnap Communication


Swarm New England 

  • Metro West, South Shore, Central Mass, Northern, RI, Southern, RI )

Swarm Tri-State

  • Fairfield County, CT, Westchester County, NY, Brooklyn, NY, New Jersey

Swarm Mid-Atlantic

  • Richmond, VA, Wilmington, DE, King of Prussia, PA

Swarm Mid-West 

  • Bettendorf IA,  Davenport, Iowa, St. Louis Park, MN, Romeoville, IL, Northbrook, IL, Waukegan, IL


Tuesday-Wednesday- Tournament operators work to create the upcoming weekends schedule.

Wednesday of tournament week–> first round of the schedule is released

Thursday evening of tournament week–> finalized schedules are released after any changes/adjustments.


  • Our coaches are responsible for posting their team’s schedule in TeamSnap as well as any last-minute game time or location changes between Thursday evening and game day.
  • You may also find the schedule every weekend for MOST events through Tourney Machine or Exposure Events. ALL location, time and court information will live in these applications. 


  • As an organization, we do not have any control over where teams are placed for games. We will do our best to be upfront about the general location of these events so our families can be as prepared as possible!
  • Tournament admission fees vary by operator, region, and event type-please expect to pay $10-$25 per person dependent on the operator.
  • We do not control tournament fees-the operator sets them for their own revenue purposes.