Refund Policy

• All deposits are non-refundable
• All players will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit upon registering for the season.
This amount is non-refundable under any circumstance and will not be converted into a
credit. If this amount was paid using a credit on file, the credit will not be re-applied to the
account under any circumstances.
• In the event that a portion of the season has been cancelled by the program due to COVID-19, we
will prorate payments on a weekly basis, less the deposit.
• We fully intend on running the season as planned. If there is no disruption to the season, players
are responsible to pay their season fees as scheduled, refunds/credits will not be applied if a player
voluntarily leaves the team or program.
• Uniform fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.
• Tryout registration fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

For injuries that are sustained during the season, 3-Step Sports, LLC will provide a portion of the payment
towards a credit for any future programing offered less the season deposit. Athletes must provide
appropriate medical documentation.
Credits are good for one year from the time of request.
*For a player that has suffered an injury prior to the start of the season, 3Step will refund all fees less the
deposit which will be held as a credit towards any future programming.


To ensure proper management of the program, tuition payments must be paid in a timely manner. Please
refrain from sending payments in with players as they easily get misplaced. Accounts not kept current may
be subject to a late fee or your child not being able to participate in games or practices. Tuition that is two
months behind will result in suspension from the program. Player may return after the account is paid. All
tuition must be paid according to the payment terms noted in the program description at the time of
registration in order to participate. All returned checks will be automatically re-deposited and subject to a
$25 service charge. All payments are non-refundable. Please communicate with the Program Director any
special circumstances regarding fees and payments.
I understand that by electronically acknowledging this form I give authorization to the 3STEP Sports, LLC to
charge my credit card for tuition. I understand and agree that the 3STEP Sports, LLC are not liable in any
way for erroneous bill statements or incorrect charges and that should an error occur in billing, the 3STEP
Sports, LLC only responsibility is to correct it when and if it receives notice of the error. There will be no
refunds of any kind for these charges. I understand that my credit card company and the 3STEP Sports,
LLC reserve the right, upon written notification, to terminate the payment option and/or my participation.
The 3STEP Sports, LLC reserves the right to restrict participation in the program if the account is not paid in
full by the deadline noted in the program description. I understand that payments will be charged to the
credit card according to the Tuition Payment Plan. I understand that payment will be charged to the credit
card on the installment days specified of the next business day. I understand this authorization remains in
force and effect until the 3STEP Sports, LLC has received written notification of its termination in such time
and manner as to afford the 3STEP Sports, LLC and my Credit Card Company a reasonable opportunity to
act on it. If any account number(s) listed in this form changes, this authorization will remain in effect for the
new account number(s).
Our refund policy can be found on our website and acknowledgement of its understanding is required
during player registration.