Swarm Winter Training

4 Week Training Session with former University of Louisville player Alvin Sims
$200 for 8 sessions (2 per week)
$125 for 4 sessions (1 per week)

Jan 5 - Jan 28
every Monday and Wednesday
3rd-7th grade: 6-7pm
8th-12th grade: 7-8pm

Main focuses
Week 1: Ball Handling and Footwork
Week 2: Shooting
Week 3: Layups and Post Work
Week 4: Passing, Defense and Court Awareness


Pure Sweat Basketball

What is Pure Sweat Basketball?

Iowa Swarm is proud to announce a partnership with Pure Sweat Basketball! Pure Sweat Basketball is dedicated to providing players with a game-like training environment that maximizes the effectiveness of their time in the gym and is customized to most efficiently improve the overall skill set of each and every player in the gym. Based upon a NBA-proven set of skill development techniques, Pure Sweat prides themselves on focusing players’ attention on the areas of their game that will help them be successful on the court.

Can you shoot with proper form at game speed from game spots? Can you handle pressure at the rim, as a passer, and with the ball in your hands? Can you make the right decision at the right time and do you know how to move on and off the ball? Do you know how to defend in an individual and team environment? These are just some of the areas of the game that Pure Sweat focuses on in their workouts!

meet our trainer

Jordan Delp

Jordan has been a Pure Sweat Skills Coach since 2014. In that time, he has worked with the entire gamut of basketball experience: NBA players, overseas professionals, college players, high schoolers, middle schoolers, and grade school players. He attacks every workout with the same intent – provide the best possible experience to every player in the gym, every time out.

Jordan decided to follow his true passion of helping basketball players reach their full potential on and off the court. Working with players of all ages and skill levels and in numerous settings (including but not limited to: individual, small group, team, camp & clinic sessions), Coach Delp focuses on not only improving the on-court skill of his players, but also on using basketball as a vehicle to teach lessons and values that players can use to find success long after the ball stops bouncing.

pure sport basketball coach
Pure Sweat announcement

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